TicBits Ltd founded today!

As of 12th April 2010 TicBits Ltd is officially founded!

Although the company was officially founded today work on our first game has been done quite a while now. Our first product is due mid-May for the iPhone and iPod Touch! More on this soon!

Welcome to TicBits

Hey there and welcome to TicBits!

I'm pleased to announce that TicBits Ltd is up and running eager to develop high quality games for the iPhone platform. After many discussions and earlier plans me and my cousin Fredrik Wahrman has finally decided it was time to join forces to create some awesome iPhone games for you guys to play! With the registration of TicBits Ltd and launch of this website we've taken the first step forward. But make sure to come back often, because we have some cool stuff on the horizon!

In the meantime checkout Fredrik's game iAssociate and my game Asterope

Until next time!