Version 1.3 approved!

It took a few days longer than usual, but it's out now! Get it while it's hot!

iAssociate 2 v.1.3 submitted to Apple

We just finished v.1.3 of iAssociate 2 and submitted it to Apple for review. It contains many updated images for the iPhone 4's retina display and we think it looks stunning! Also included are five new levels! A new dual pack, a website themed level, our biggest level yet named "Oz" and a free one called "Remember to Tip". For those who are not able to buy premium levels this new free one should keep you busy for a while :) So all in all with v.1.3 iAssociate 2 has 7 free levels and 14 premium ones. Hope that'll give you plenty of play time although we are aware some of guys are super fast at solving even the harder ones.

Anyway, the update should be out in a week. Happy gaming!

New version is out

Incase anyone's missed it, version 1.2 of iAssociate 2 is out. It contains our best levels to date!