iAssociate 2 v1.1. is out - with more Levels!

iAssociate 2 v1.1. is out with more levels! Make sure you update the game to get access to them.

In v1.1 you will find a tab called More levels where you can get both free and premium levels. The premium levels have been added so that we could continue to keep the game free while still providing us with the means to continue to support this game. Our goal is to release more levels, both paid and free, with regular intervals, hopefully we'll be able to find a balance that will please all of you!

TicBits' website got redesigned

Hey guys! Hope you like the redesign of our website. I had the best flow going on yesterday and really wanted to get a cleaner look for our website so I worked non-stop until it was done. The logo is not final, some have commented that it doesn't fit that well to the site.

Any comments are appreciated!