TicBits turns 2

Even though it seems like it wasn't too long ago that we discussed with Niklas about the possibility of forming a gaming company of our own today is actually TicBits second birthday! Our second year has been a great experience, as, when we celebrated our last birthday in April 2011 we started thinking about going forth with our first recruitment, which led to us in the spring of 2011 hiring our two first employees. And our recruitment didn't stop there, but, over the year we've continued our expansion so that TicBits today employs eight persons. This expansion has also meant that we've had to move to larger offices twice during this year, so that we're now in an office that's about seven times as large as our first one.

Our year hasn't been all about adding more employees, we've also been able to focus a lot on both adding more content to our existing games, as well as releasing new games on the market. Some of the games we released we're Mahjong :), Solitaire :) and FreeCell :). Besides those games two new ones are also nearing completion, so, with luck we'll have two brand new games out in May 2012!

Thanks a lot to everyone who has supported us through these first two years, we're doing our best to make sure all of you get the best possible content from us in the future as well!