Sudoku :) released!

We're happy to announce that our new game: Sudoku :) has been released for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Sudoku :) is the best Sudoku game in the App Store with clean & crisp graphics and unlimited Sudokus in multiple difficulty levels.

And best of all: Sudoku :) is completely FREE! Get it now from: Sudoku :) @ iTunes.

iAssociate 2 is now available on Facebook!

Hey guys! Got some cool news for you, we know a lot of you are waiting for an Android version and we do have one in the works. But in the meantime, we got something that will allow anyone to play iAssociate 2 on their computer right now!

We're extremely happy to announce *drumroll* iAssociate 2 for Facebook!

To play iAssociate 2 on Facebook go to: iAssociate 2 on Facebook

Feedback would be highly appreciated and don't forget to invite all your friends! ;)