Apple having troubles with updates

We've experienced some really weird behavior with iTunes yesterday and today with the update to one of our games (iAssociate 2). We had an update (v1.8.4) which we released yesterday (as we normally do every three weeks) and at first everything seemed to go ok, we got the message Ready for Sale from Apple, and within an hour or so we saw that the update was available for download on iTunes.

However, some hours after that, maybe 3 or 4, iTunes again started showing our previous version (v1.8.3) as the latest available, even though iTunes Connect only shows the latest version. We then tried changing the release date of our app, and, sure enough, this update was pushed out to iTunes, which caused v.1.8.4 to become available for download, but again, within two hours v1.8.3 re-appeared.

After that we've tried changing the copyright text for the app, and this has now always caused the most current, v1.8.4, version to become available, but it has always 2-3 hours later the latest, been replaced with the old v1.8.3 version.

We can verify from our own logs that when v1.8.4 is available it is being downloaded and people are able to play it, so the update itself is working well, it's just iTunes that for some reason keeps forcing our old update back.

Screenshots from today, for how the update has shown up:

iAssociate 2 in iTunes
At 5.44pm v1.8.4

At 5.44pm we had v1.8.4 live

At 7.34pm v1.8.3

At 7.34pm it was back to v1.8.3

At 8.06pm v1.8.4

At 8.06pm we got 1.8.4 back by changing the Copyright text

At 10.08pm v1.8.3

But at 10.08pm it was once again back to v1.8.3

As you can see, if we change something in iTunes Connect, then we'll get the real update live, but, an hour or two later it again reverts to the previous version.

If you want to follow the updates regarding the status, check out our Facebook page at iAssociate 2 Facebook fan page