We're proud to present, Crazy Kings!

Crazy Kings

A project that we started in 2012 is finally about to be released on the App Store. After about three years we're finally ready to launch our latest game, a tower defense game called Crazy Kings to the App Store. The game will launch tomorrow, May 21st, globally on the App Store, so to say the least this is definitely exciting times for us at TicBits.

During the development of Crazy Kings the game has undergone quite a lot of changes, both when it comes to the game mechanics as well as to it's visual style. And even though I guess I'm a bit biased I must say that I'm really pleased with how the game turned out, which I guess I can prove by looking at how much time our tracking says I've spent on the official in-house test version, over 1 hour per day on average for the last year! (And this does not count the time spent on the various debug builds at the same time)

The game Crazy Kings is, as mentioned, a tower defense game. In the game you control an Avatar who has at his disposal various cards that can be used to build towers, cast spells or summon heroes to fight by his side. As you progress in the game you gain access to more and more cards which allows you to use cards that suit your fighting style, be that by using only powerful towers, or by summoning a massive horde of heroes, or even by using only spells to stop the hordes of enemies.

The game has been built with the players in mind, offering a lot of challenging levels to play as well as a lot of different cards to collect. At launch we have over 250 levels, over 50 different cards and over 70 different enemies, with even more on the way for our next planned updates!

Since Crazy Kings is by far our most ambitious project to date we decided to look for a great publisher to partner with for the release of the game. And that's what we found last summer, when we got in touch with Wooga, the creators of games such as Diamond Dash, Jelly Splash, Pearl's Peril, Agent Alice and more. Since last fall we've worked with them to get the game ready for launch, and it's been great having some outside help, both for their expertise in making really polished games with smooth gameplay, as well as having some clear objectives and deadlines, which has helped us focus on working on the right things.

We hope that tomorrow's launch will go well, and most of all, that all of you who play our games will enjoy the game, and let us know what you think of it! Launching the game is in no way the end of the project, it's actually just the beginning of it. This is just the first step on the way, we hope to keep all of you entertained in the Crazy Kings world for years to come!

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