Fall update

Hi guys, thought I'd take this moment to share what's going on at TicBits.

We started the company in the spring of 2010, just two guys with a passion to create games who wanted to build a sustainable business out of it.

During 2010 our main focus was on iAssociate 2, a game that we've been updating ever since and have recently added some good VoiceOver features after we found out that there's a community that love the game with low-vision, and this is something we'll continue to improve.

In 2011, our focus was on making games we knew people would like, games like Sudoku and Mahjong, while learning as much as we could about the industry and making games. These games turned out really well and in total we've now got more than 5 million downloads. Our success has also enabled us to grow to the amazing team that we've got today. And every game we publish teaches us something that makes the following game even better.

This brings us to 2012. This year we've launched some beautiful titles. During the late summer we released Cruel Jewels and Unblock :) that have been well received by gamers all around the globe. But, best of all, we've now gotten to a point where we're both confident enough, and have the resources required, to take on much bigger projects.

Currently we've got our three largest projects to date under production and we can't wait show them. And I'm quite confident we'll be able to show off at least one of the games soon.