iAssociate 2 v1.5.2 - New way to unlock premium levels

The latest update to iAssociate 2, v1.5.2, brings 2 new levels for all you players to enjoy. And, perhaps more importantly, we're also introducing a way for you to unlock levels, which previously only have been available as in game purchases, for free!

Beside the normal in app purchases we're introducing a new Token store, from which you can "buy" levels using Tokens. These Tokens can be earned without you having to pay anything. In the Token store there is a "Get More Tokens" page, which has some offers which will earn you different amounts of Tokens. The offers are basically requests to download a certain App from the App Store, if you do that, and launch the app once, then your account will be credited with the Tokens. And since there typically are lots of Free apps which you can download this means that by downloading Free apps you can earn Tokens for free, with which you then can unlock the levels found in the Token store.

And thanks to the feedback of you users we've decided to skip the iAds which previously were displayed inside the free levels. We have instead replaced them with an ad that occasionally will be displayed when you start the game. This ad is an offer to earn Tokens, and typically it is an offer which offers more Tokens than you normally would get. So if you see a Free app advertised there be sure to grab it, so that you'll either be able to unlock some of the levels already found in the Token store, or alternatively, so that you'll have some Tokens already saved up for our next update. (As yes, we will be bringing lots more content to this new Token store in the future!)

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