Mahjong :) is out!

We're happy to announce that our firth game: Mahjong :) is out! It's available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It's free and it's awesome - get it while it's hot!

Mahjong :) @ iTunes

TicBits' fifth game

Our fifth game will be Mahjong :) and it will soon be out on the iPhone, iPod Touch and for this game we're even making a universal build, meaning it will be iPad optimized. We're super happy with this game, we feel it is the best Mahjong game in the app store by far!

We're already excited to see this game hit the App Store and will let you know when it does!

Did someone ask for Solitaire?

Our forth game, Solitaire :), has been released! it's got beautiful crisp graphics and great smooth gameplay. It works just as you'd except it to (even better!). Solitaire :) can be played both in landscape and portrait depending on your preference and comes with good statistics and Game Center integration. And as you have probably come to expect from us: It's completely FREE!

Get it now from the App Store: Solitaire :) @ iTunes

TicBits expansion!

After having been 6 months in a tiny tiny office we've now moved to a bigger space! We've also grown the team by two. Having moved & grown the team meant of course having a celebratory game of Star Craft II. It's not really playing games anyway when you're a gaming company - it's research!

We're really happy with the new space, so-long yellow molded wall and hello awesome TV & Xbox corner!

Good times ahead!

Yay! Our new office!


If you've been a big fan of Minesweeper, we've got some awesome news for you! We've just finished & released our third game: Minesweeper! We've tweaked and polished the game to get just the right feel. It also comes with touch controls we found really intuitive.

Also, like our previous released, we've decided to release Minesweeper! for FREE! Can't get much better than that ;)

Give it a try and tell us what you think! The game's iTunes page can be found here: Minesweeper! @ iTunes